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Kujo page 1 - new dog Kujo




These pages are dedicated to Kujo. She's a little 3 1/2 pound Chihuahua. She's a rescue dog and just turned 12 months Feb 21st. 

You ask why her name is "Kujo". I'm a huge fan of Stephen King novels and have read every book he's printed I think . I could have named her "Christine" but that was a car and seeing as this little girl is so tiny she required a huge name. So thank you Stephen King for all the great novels your book's namesake is my dog! I know it's not spelled the same so took poetic license and changed the spelling.

Thanks to staff at local pet shop they're helping me with very sage advise on how to assist this little girl overcome her fears.

At first she was a very shy, quiet dog. She shows signs of being abused and had to work with that part with her to help her overcome her fears.

I don't think she'd ever been in a car so, we had to work on that . I bought her her own car seat and now she jumps into car seat and feels safe and loves to go for a drive. I take her in car every couple of days so she'll be fine with car rides. If I bring her car seat into house, she jumps in it and looks up at me with her big brown eyes as if to say "I'm ready, lets go"

She wasn't very good walking on leash and had to help her with being in halter and on a leash.  She actually wouldn't walk and I had to pick her up and help her take her first steps with leash. Now there's no stopping her. If I go out somewhere where she can't come with me, she knows as soon as I get home we go for a walk and she's already to go when I open the door. She wasn't socialized when I first rescued her up so that was the start of her training. Now she is great to walk with and isn't frightened of people or other dogs.  She has her nose to ground the whole walk. I still think she must have some blood hound in her as she doesn't miss a single scent on our walks. I still think she'd make a great little border dog sniffer!

As soon as we come back home she climbs up the stairs, stops on top step and takes one step to recycle bin. I have taught her to stand there and I pick her up, place her on lid and remove her lead, harness and sweater. She goes to door stops and looks at me, my cue to wipe her feet before she comes into house. What a quick study this little girl is.

Her curiosity about everything is totally priceless. She'll cock her head side to side when she sees something new in her little life.

While she's walking she still jumps back if someone wants to touch her but, she's getting more confident and will let people pet her now. As for other dogs, she looks at them, sniffs and then puts her snotty little head up in air and walks away. Such a little snot eh?

The other day I was sewing and all of a sudden I heard this gawd awful screaming and yelping. I thought for sure she had eaten into a wire of some kind and received a shock. THEN DEAD SILENCE! I'm hunting all over house for her, calling her, and no response. NOW I'm starting to panic, I can't find her anywhere. I had searched the whole house and no dog. I'm near tears because of her screaming earlier and can't find her. I was sure she was dead from all her screaming. I went into bedroom and all of a sudden my pillow moved. The little dumb ass had climbed inside the pillow case, gone to bottom of case and couldn't get out, hence all the screaming. A neighbour was walking past and knocked on my door to see if everything was ok. She thought something had happened to me and heard dog screaming.  I had to explain what happened and  my friend nearly wet herself laughing. 

Next day I'm in shower and heard this gawd awful screaming again. Jumped out of shower to find her back inside pillow case. She figured it was a game so, I left her in there and went and finished my shower, guess what? She crawled out of pillow case when she found out I wouldn't bite twice!!  Such a dog.

Well to-day her new thingy was to play with another little dog in neighbourhood. They had so much fun running in yard. She's all tuckered out and sleeping finally. Ahhhhh peace in the household

To-day her newest trick learned is to dance for her treat when she gets something right. She's a quick study I must admit. Very smart dog learns quickly.

She now kneels down on front legs, lets out one bark and that's my cue "OUTSIDE NOW" 

During night she'll walk on my back let out a bark and it's "OUTSIDE NOW" time. I can hardly wait for her to sleep through night. Her bed is beside my bed, but sometimes she gets lonely and in middle of night ends up on my pillow.

Ohh, she's just too funny for words. To-day she was outside in her exercise pen and two blue jays stood just outside of penned area taunting her. She was going nuts trying to get to them. Little do they realize that if she gets loose it's bye, bye, birdies

She sits on back of chesterfield and looks out window watching the squirrels in yard playing. Races back and forth trying to get them. If she only realized they're outside and she's in house it ain't gonna happen!

Hear we go again another new trick, sit! On command, sit, dance beg, she's getting it slow but sure. Takes about three days to learn a new trick.  She loves her training treats so will learn quickly to receive her treat. (Lamb) This is the only meat she likes, otherwise it's into vegetables and fruit and YES! she steals my yams and eats them if I'm not careful! Little bugger that she is! Must remember to put all vegetables in fridge so she can't get at them. Her favourite peas and carrots with brown rice, apple and lamb.